Racism in Canada

Canadian federal politicians are under the microscope right now because of the Federal election.

Trudeau’s brand has suffered a couple of massive blows with the SNC Lavalin scandal, and now because of the racist label, from past transgressions.

Outright indignation and calls for his resignation are prolific from all corners of Canada.

Scheer says Trudeau is unfit to govern, but he’s backing several of his own PC candidates who have their own brand of transgressions to atone for from their past.  Scheer says if his candidates apologize, I will forgive and forget.

Singh delivered an emotional speech about the Trudeau transgression saying how he is personally offended by Trudeau’s racist actions in the past and delivering a message of love to all minorities who have suffered angst from Mr. Trudeau’s past actions and indeed any racially motivated hate.

Trudeau has reached out to Singh, who has reacted by saying he would meet with Trudeau but only in private, so Trudeau can apologize to him personally.  Mr. Singh, you do not have the monopoly on this – it’s a Canadian issue.

Racism is indeed alive and well in Canada.  It always has been.

We have all been exposed to racism in Canada.  It can be vocal or subtle.

I know someone who came to Canada as an immigrant during the 1970’s from Great Britain, along with his wife and 3 children. They were looking for and found a better and more prosperous life than they had in GB.

But he’s also a loudmouth racist, calling out races other than his own, loudly and in public.  Never speaking to anyone directly, but loudly enough in conversations with others so everyone can hear him.  Comments like, “We are being overrun by f—–g so and so’s” or “…if they can’t peak English then why don’t they go back where they come from!” And he is often pulled up by his circle of friends on this attitude, but that never deters or causes him to waiver in his belief or outrage toward people of races other that his own.

The there’s reverse racism (term may be somewhat incorrect). 

Interestingly, I believe I experienced this a few years ago. I had pulled into the driveaway of a Truck Rental business to inquire about some rental rates.  It turns out the driveway was the entrance to a used car lot that shared the same lot as the rental company, but the entrances were separate. I was in the wrong one. The owner of the used car lot was just opening for the day and very bluntly told me that I couldn’t park where I was because it was blocking his driveway.  When I informed him that I was just going into the rental place to get rates he become very loudly abusive, swearing and demanding I immediately remove my vehicle from his premises, or he would have me towed.  Wasn’t expecting that kind of reaction.

So, at this point I try to reason with him, again saying I’ll only be a minute.  Well, there were many more expletives from him and then to my great surprise, he says to me, “You know, deep down inside, you are a racist and know you hate us!”

What did you just say?” I asked.  He repeated himself and I thought, game on A—–e!  So, I said to him, “Why would you call me a racist?  You don’t know me or anything about me, do you?” “I’m not racist and I resent your implication that I am!”

He then backed off. 

He was trying to provoke me into saying something racist to win his argument and it didn’t work.  That to me is reverse racism.

The Liberal Government has chosen Immigration has a cornerstone of their Policy and Canada has welcomed immigrants from war torn countries such as Syria and others, in the many thousands.

They experience racism every day in a country that is now theirs.

Indigenous people experience racism everyday in their own country.

Brown and Black people experience racism everyday in this, their own country.

We all experience racism in one form one another and perhaps each of us also contributes our own form of racism, vocally or subtly.

Let us, as Canadians, old and new, use this recent publicity concerning our politicians as an exceptional opportunity to have create National dialogue in this country and work toward ending racism.

What’s your opinion on this?  Do you think you are racist?

Are you against or for immigration? 


Just from certain countries?

Can we end racism?

Will there always be white privilege in Canada?

Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Scheer, Mr. Singh, Ms. May and Mr. Benier – are you ready and willing to become leaders in the fight against racism in Canada.

Readers, please share this article with your MP, MLA and election candidates in your area.  Let’s call them out and see where they stand on this issue.